F.A.Q. – frequent questions

Who is behind Jugendkunstgalerie "Freestyle"?

We are Ensible e.V. (recognized base for youth culture in NRW) and we have been working since 2006 to promote, hear and see young people. We think that photographs of young people deserve an exhibition to be seen by as many people as possible. In addition, we have other projects to give young people a stage.


Why should i participate?

Many young people have talents that are hardly noticed by their environment. We want to give you the opportunity to present yourself and your talents to the public and thus receive the encouragement you deserve.


When can i start uploading my pictures?

The Youth Art Gallery starts again in the fall.


How big should my photo be and what resolution should it have?

Of course, the higher the resolution, the better!
In plain language, this means: at least 1,400 pixels wide and 1,900 pixels high for portrait format and at least 1,900 pixels wide and 1,400 pixels high for landscape format.
Larger formats are of course even better - but the file size should remain below 10 MB.


What if my image does not have this resolution?

Helpful tip:

If you send pictures via a messenger like Threema, Signal or Whatsapp, the picture loses quality. So rather use email or preferably a cable if you need to send the picture.

Unfortunately, if your image does not have the required quality, we cannot include it in our traveling exhibition and it cannot be printed. However, regardless of quality is our online gallery. If you make it to the top 60, your picture will definitely be visible there.

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Who evaluates the pictures?

The expert jury consists of local representatives of the partner cities, the participating schools and the savings banks in the Sauerland region, as well as professional artists and Ensible e.V. employees.


Where are the exhibitions?

The selected works will be exhibited in the city centers in NRW. In the form of a traveling exhibition, the photos can be seen in the windows of participating stores.


What happens after the contest?

Printed images remain the property of the organizer, i.e. Ensible e.V. After the end of the project, the printed image can be sent to the participants on request to Ensible e.V. against payment of the packaging and shipping costs or can be collected personally on site during a finissage.


still got questions?

No Problem: Just send us an Email with the Keeword "Freestyle" to info@freestyle.nrw

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