Edition 2019

Maya Maeda

Niigata, Japan


I go to an Art and Design University in Japan and I'm studying Visual Design. One of my favorite things is photography and I love to take snap shots and small moments in life while I travel. I also love to spend my time editing the photos after.

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A photo I took of people waiting for the underground train in Japan.
The photo it's self is pretty dark but the clouds look really fluffy and light which I like.
A photo I took in Ghana, Accra off a girl I became friends with one day at the beach.
I took this photo in Ghana ,Accra when I was volunteering at an orphanage. I like how it looks like the young goat just stopped and posed for me.
A photo of my twin cousins. I love how vintage it looks and it will forever be on of my favorite photos I've took of them.
A photo I took in Krakow, Poland. The sky was amazing that day so I like the way it came out.
Shot in Oxford,Uk. I love how British this photo is. You've got the red phone box and the British flags .
Two boys were playing in the river on a hot summers day in England and I got my camera out and captured this moment.
A photo I took of a boy who was just playing by the river and eating his sandwich.
A photo I took in Oxford, UK. I love how the woman's skirt is flowing and that the sunrise is shining from the bridge.
A photo I took off a Japanese girl at a park in Tokyo.
A photo I took in Japan of me photographing carp. I like that you can see my reflection clearly and that the carp are swimming in the same direction.
I took this photo in Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to capture the lights and the business of the city at night.
A photo I took of people waiting in line to get to Japan's most sacred Shinto shrine, Ise Jingu. Although it was rainy that day tons of people gathered to celebrate the beginning of the new Reiwa Era.
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