Edition 2019

Feby Kuruvila

Kerala, India


I am feby, 19 yrs old Media student & a photographer My hobby is traveling & vlogging , love nature &living things . . I always wanted to live with the nature & green . Nature is the mother were we evolved from . Nowadays we are often running our lifes for money & status . We never minds what we couses the nature . Its our world that we should care. I just wanted to tell everyone to be care of what we are cared. Just travel & experince our world to know more interesting facts of our life.

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Share happiness... Life will be more intresting when we makes someone smiled
Just go & walk find the heaven to paradise.. Because its here.. People just waste there life in giving priority to money & bussiness. Never knowng the world we live . Its the only heaven!
Dreamed about the birds that fly high & have there own freedom. We have our ability to enjoy our life... Just do it!
We are still in a loop were life is a cycle...traped hole! Never know the real world... We can ,when we do different!
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